My YDNA Search Results

 On the FTD's Weeks Surname Group I decided to compare my YDNA with others in the group first at the 12 maker sort, then the 25 marker sort and finally at the 37 marker sort. On the following comparisons my Kit Number is 197324, Samuel C. Weeks b: 1805 in Maryland.

At the 12 marker match my closest matches were with a kit number 148584 and kit marker 31869 for a William Weekes 1790 – 1860. I have read that at the 12 marker compare you need to be a 12/12 or at least 11/12 match. Both of these kit numbers were 11/12 which means we had a very high probability of having a common ancestor in the past 25+ generations.

Markers DYS385 and DYS439 are known to be fast mutating markers. With this in mind Kit 148584 is now a perfect 12/12 match and on Kit 68711 George Weeks>Thomas Andrew Weeks>Franklin Pierce Weeks was a 10/12 match but the two miss matches were only off by one number each at DYS385 and DYS439 markers resulting in a perfect 12/12 match. That means we have a 98+% probability of a common ancestor within the past 25+ generations.

Taking into consideration 385 and 439 Kit Numbers 28070 and 91802 Asa Weeks become 11/12 matches. In another post I'll show the results of my searches on all the matches with names.

Here are my 12 marker matches (click on image for bigger view)

At the 25 marker match things start to get a little less convincing. At 25 markers the matches need to be within two maybe 3 markers to be of value. At the 25 marker sort the closest match I had was a 21/25 from Kit Number 148584. This becomes a marginal match.

Side Note, it drives me mad that someone would go to the expense to get their YDNA taken and then join a research group but not provide their name or contact information. Errrr

At the 25 marker sort three more fast mutating markers enter the picture. They are DYS 485, 449 and 464. Again, adding or subtracting a +/- 1 to these mutating markers I recalculated the matches. Please keep in mind that I do not know if it's acceptable practice or not to manipulate these mutating markers. I'm just trying to narrow down possible matches. Later on I will search each “possible” match to see if we share a common ancestor.

Recalculating, Kit 68712 is a 21/25, 91802 ASA Weeks is 22/25, 68711 George Weeks>Thomas Andrew Weeks>Franklin Pierce Weeks is a 24/25, Kit 148584 is 24/25 and Kit 109029 Thomas W. Weeks is a 22/25. Kits 15801, N24130 and  117685 is a 22/25.  William Weeks 1790 - 1860 is a 24/25.  There were 4 Kits with 20/25 not listed in this posting.

At the 37 marker sort we are looking at possibly finding ancestors with in a few generations. Also at the 37 marker sort we add three more mutating markers at DSY456 and 570 along with CDY. With out adjusting for fast mutating markers I have virtually no good matches. The highest match count is 28/37. When I apply the +/- 1 adjustment I get: Kit number 91802 Asa Weeks is 33/37, 68711 George Weeks...33/37, Kit Numbers 148584, 90116 and N24130 were all 32/37, 31869 William Weeks 1790 – 1860 33/37, 117514 Frances Weeks 32/37 and 137298 Henry Weeks b: 1823 32/37.

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Gail Weeks-Sanchez said...

Hi my name is Gail Weeks- been following the weeks family from Dorchester mass my family us from new york..Brooklyn..Queens.. Long island i have been going back to Devon England and as France in 1023 this is very interesting to me my dad,was a Benjamin E Weeks the 4th...I think im going to have the DNA test done...Thank you GWS