Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Samuel C. Weeks and Jane Cunningham

After all these years of chasing data I now have a face to match the data. I'm really pleased that I now have pictures of all my paternal grandparents all the way back to 1804, nice!

Plus I have copies of five pages from the Samuel C. Weeks personal bible. Again bring data to life. The bible has yielded other children that we never knew about along with personal information on birth dates. Simple comments like such and such was born “on Sunday morning at 4 AM”. It doesn't get more personal than that!  The bible pages are on another post.

Here's what I have:

Samuel C. Weeks B: 29 Nov 1804 in Baltimore, MD D: 26 July 1870 Caledonia, OH. 

  Jane Cunningham B: 1805 Pennsylvania D: 19 May 1867 Caledona, OH.

Mary Jane Weeks their daughter.

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