Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Family Bible vs. Government Records?

I've been chasing Samuel C. Weeks for the past 10 years trying to find his parents. His death certificate shows him dieing in Jul 26, 1870 at the age of 64 making is birth year at about 1804. Early census information shows him to be 35 in 1840 and 45 in 1850 making is birth year 1805. In my searches for this person I post his birth date as abt.1805.  Census also shows him being born in Maryland.

Recently I've made contact with a third cousin who has a very old family bible. Samuel C. Weeks is listed in the bible. His birthday is listed as Nov 29,1801. The bible also shows his date of death exactly the same as the death certificate, Jul 26, 1870.

I guess what I'm asking is do I run with the new info or stay with the abt. 1805 or run with both? It's very tempting to put a specific date in the birth date field.

A quick search on ancestry.com with the new birth date only shows one Samuel Weeks b: 1801 in England.  Maryland was the primary port of entry in the early 1800's.  Maybe Samuel's parents came to America in 1805, hmmmm.  All of a sudden research is fun again.

Not sure what to do with the new information.  Any advise regarding this topic?

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