Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Earliest Weeks/Weekes/Wickes/Wicks in the Colonies

(This information was provided by Walter Weeks)

1. Francis Weeks b. prior to ca.1607, whose inventory was taken around Jamestown in 1627 would seem to be the first on American soil besides some Weeks sailors who were documented as early as 1622. Who this Francis was and where he came from, prob. Eng., is not known for certain or if he left any descendants.

2. Francis Weeks 1618-1689, who probably came from Devon(shire) in England and lived in MA, RI and finally Oyster Bay, New York is well documented. At least one researcher that I am aware of has some doubts about this Francis being from the Devon Weeks' because Francis apparently was not literate. I can't confirm or deny this statement, but it could be a consideration.

3. William Weeks of MA ca. 1615-1689 was prob. the son of Robert Weeks of Staines Parish, Middlesex England who left a will in 1638 naming 4 sons, John, Thomas, William and Robert. This William Weeks was in the Barnstable area of MA. When he migrated is uncertain, but it was before 1638.

4. John Weeks of MA/RI 1609-1666 arrived in prob. Plymouth, MA aboard the Hopewell, Nov. 1635 with his wife Mary,b. 1607 and dau. Ann, 1 yr. old. I believe he was listed as a Tanner. He is probably the s/o Robert of Middlesex England as he is mentioned in his Father's Will as living in New England in an add on to the will. If true, William and John are brothers.

5. George Weeks of Dorchester MA, ca. 1600-1659 is from Devon, England but not related to others who claim to be from Devon.

6. Joseph Weeks 1620-1692 is first found in 1647 in IoW, VA and he then migrated to Kent Island, MD in 1650,where he lived his well doumented life as a Justice among other things. He is prob. from the Bristol area of England.

7. Walter Weeks 1615-1666 was first found on Kent Island, MD in 1642 and by 1650 he was in Northumberland, VA where he d. There is evidence that he was literate and a tutor.

8. Abraham Weeks 1630-1692,is first found in Lower Norfolk, VA in the late 1640's near Joseph Weeks who migrated to MD. Abraham was in Lancaster, VA and finally a very well known person in Middlesex Co., VA which was formed from Lancaster.  No known surviving male heirs for Abraham.

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